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*cough* Newbie. O_o

Hi all, just started playing AC WW - I'm not a very seasoned game player (in fact I'm quite retarded at any kind of game fullstop but I'm enjoying it!)

I have some questions though...

1. I've just started tripping over myself. This has never happened before until I logged in today to play. What's going on there?

2. How do I get the bells I've collected (from trees etc) into my real money?

3. I don't have wifi - so is this going to hugely stunt the kinds of things I can do?

4. I have peaches growing at the moment - do other kinds of fruit start growing by themselves, or...?

5. At the moment I'm just running around making money by selling fish, shells, fossils, fruit, flowers etc to Tom Nook - what else am I supposed to be doing?
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