pinkalixious (pinkalixious) wrote in ac_newbies,

I'm a newbie!

Hey guys, I'm new to Animal Crossing. Just got it with my DS and I am looking for some friends! I don't really know too much yet, and my town is pretty bare. I only have 3 neigbors and I just made my town today. The fruit is peaches. My character name is Jenni and the town is called Cuteopia.

I have been looking everywhere today for info on the game, and I found a site where I could make a town image that shows all my neigbors so here it is. '
Feel free to add me! I would love to see what your towns look like! All I ask is that you please dont steal the flowers from my town. I worked hard all day trying to plant them in the right spots because I want to make pink hybrids. can pick from the trees all you want, you can fish, dig up my fossils (I dont have a shovel yet so I cant, lol) do whatever you want but PLEASE i beg you do NOT trample or pick the flowers! Thanks guys. :)

I only know a little based on what I have read today, and I did already make one town, but I only had it for about a week and I didnt like how it was going..I wanted to start over fresh and do things right so here I am.


I look forward to meeting everyone!
x-posted sorry if you see this more than once!
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