Mary M. (mushroom_maiden) wrote in ac_newbies,
Mary M.

Help with red turnip?

I bought a red turnip from Joan about 3 weeks ago (maybe 4?) and have been watering it every bloody day waiting for Wendell to turn up in my town so I can get the guitar off him... agh! He hasn't turned up! So annoying.. well anyway, I'm going away camping soon, and i might not be able to play my game. So my turnip will die.

I do seem to remember, though, ages ago, someone saying something about a way of keeping red turnips without having to water them. it was something like leaving them on a table or on the floor in your house, or in your cupboard... will any of these work? Or in my inventory? or in a letter? Will it go bad? Is there any way to keep it without watering it?!

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