~*Sushi*~ - Cold as ice-cream but still as sweet (sushigal007) wrote in ac_newbies,
~*Sushi*~ - Cold as ice-cream but still as sweet

Hi there...

Hokay, my best friend brought me AC a few weeks ago, and I have a few questions...
How do I become a member of Crazy Redd's? I've visited him twice and each time he tells me that his customers are "cut from a bolt of the finest cloth." Does he want me to wear something nicer or what?
Also, I read somewhere about hybrid blants. How do I go about making my own Frankenstein flowers? ^^

EDIT: Oh yeah, and can anyone tell me how to put stuff in my attic? I got a lovely bed, but I can't put it down. Is my house too small or is there no point buying a bed at all?
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