Mary M. (mushroom_maiden) wrote in ac_newbies,
Mary M.

Wild world

DS game questions:

I've heard people speak of a money tree... I have a golden shovel. How do I plant/grow a money tree?

Also, what determines whether tree saplings live or die? Can you hurt them by running over them? Do they need watering?

Those little patches of clover... they don't count as weeds, right? I think they're kinda pretty.

How many times do you have to say "Don't leave" to a townie before they decide to stay? I've managed to keep all the ones I've wanted to by saying it over and over but I'd like to know what's the minimum times I have to say it.

And lastly... yesterday Tom Nook was sighing and saying something about not wearing the right clothes... I tried everything but there was nothing I could do. Today he's all normal again! What's going on? Nibbles mentioned something about him and Sable having a relationship...?


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