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*cough* Newbie. O_o

Hi all, just started playing AC WW - I'm not a very seasoned game player (in fact I'm quite retarded at any kind of game fullstop but I'm enjoying it!)

I have some questions though...

1. I've just started tripping over myself. This has never happened before until I logged in today to play. What's going on there?

2. How do I get the bells I've collected (from trees etc) into my real money?

3. I don't have wifi - so is this going to hugely stunt the kinds of things I can do?

4. I have peaches growing at the moment - do other kinds of fruit start growing by themselves, or...?

5. At the moment I'm just running around making money by selling fish, shells, fossils, fruit, flowers etc to Tom Nook - what else am I supposed to be doing?
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Im new to the game to, but from as far as I can tell beside collecting things for money you can also talk to your neighbors and some times they will ask you for things or to do tasks for them.

For the fruit; each town has its own fruit that grows, I think the only way to get other fruit would to visit another town with a dif kind, pick it and then plant it back in your town.
Or you can have people send you fruit in the mail. But both of these require wifi.

For the money you can just hold down "a" over the money when your in your pocket and drag it to where it shows you how much money you have.
Hmm as far as I know there are two different reasons why you were tripping: You talked to Katrina the fortuneteller and she gave you a bad fortune OR you're wearing an unlucky item (I can only think of one right now which is the pharaoh's mask or something).

Wi-Fi shouldn't limit too much.. Although you do need someone to come to your town and buy something from Nook's to get the last expansion of his shop (Nookington's).

You don't need Wi-Fi to get the other fruits (though it's the easier way). I've found that your town people will eventually send you letters with different fruits attached (I think you have to send them a letter with a small gift first though).

As far as other things you can do to make money.. You can try the turnip market thingy, buying turnips from Joan. Also if you hit a certain rock in your town it can drop 8,500 bells a day.
Ohh! Thanks!!!